We offer the best of New Orleans (pronounced N’Awlins or New Oy-uns if you’re local). New Orleans was settled by the French and Portuguese in 1718. It quickly became a bustling world seaport and the mother of all “melting pots” — European, African, South American, West Indian and American Indian. Those born to these colonists were known as “Creoles”. The French-Canadians who settled in Acadia just West of New Orleans in bayou country became known as Acadiens or “Cajuns”. Serving the best traditional Cajun and Creole, at Spats we say: Laissez les bons temps rouler! (Let the good times roll!) We are committed to serving local seasonal ingredients.

Our Chefs

Bring a combination of culinary skills together, our kitchen staff produce outstanding food.

Duke & Monica Gastiger

Chef & Owner
Spats Café and Speakeasy opened in 1987, a themed “prohibition era” eatery, inspired by Cajun/Creole techniques from Louisiana where there is a fusion of the world’s cuisines…Spanish, French, South American, Portuguese, German and Cuban. Chef Duke and Monica are committed to Spats offering healthy, responsibly sourced, delicious food, proudly prepared and served by an incredible staff.

Justin Berkebile

Head Chef
A graduate of the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts, Justin brings years of expertise and creativity to Spats. Justin mixes a unique blend of exotic and basic flavors to tempt the everyday palate. Using familiar ingredients with multi-cultural recipes to create a vibrant fusion of tastes is Justin’s passion. With a dedication to excellence, he delivers innovative culinary creations.

Brittney Pereda

Brittney has traveled across the country from Miami, Florida to Las Vegas, learning a multitude of cooking techniques. She was raised surrounded by Cuban culture and cuisine, my greatest influence was her grandmother, who taught her technique and passion. After high school, she attended Johnson and Wales Culinary School and began her culinary career as a raw vegan chef creating plant based meals from locally grown fruits and vegetables. Since then, she has mastered the art of catering and been a chef in restaurants specializing in foods ranging from Asian fusion to Mexican American to British cuisine. She loves to bring love and passion into everything she does in the kitchen.